Curry County Communications Drill: Sat 3/14/15 @ 10AM

currycountyCheck-in at 10AM on:
146.960 PBARC Repeater
147.250 Bosley Butte Repeater
3980 MHz HF

On Saturday the 14th the Pelican Bay ARC will be participating in a Curry County wide communications drill. The issue is localized flooding in Brookings. Net control will be on 146.960 (PBARC repeater) and 147.250 (Bosley Butte repeater), HF long distance net will be on 3980 MHz. The drill will start at 10 am and will close at about 11:30 am. All licensed hams are asked to check in. If you are available to check shelters in Brookings and Harbor please inform Net Control for an assignment. If you are running errands, check in from your destination. This is a county wide drill and net control will be busy checking in stations from Port Orford and Gold Beach on HF. When we are finished we will meet at Zolas in Harbor for pizza and a debriefing. Hope to see you there.. ke6nvu