Founding Member – Dick Keusink, K7VPL /SK

The Pelican Bay Amateur Radio Club has lost a founding member. Dick Keusink, K7VPL has passed away at age 93. Dick was well remembered in the Curry Coastal Pilot, Saturday, August 22, 2015 and we will not repeat it here. We have known that Dick was involved in many community organizations, PBARC was one of them. Dick’s guidance and love of amateur radio is well known. Last year PBARC and the ARRL awarded Dick, K7VPL and Polly, N7SJH the ARRL Special Service Award for their years of service to PBARC and the radio community. He always had a smile and jovial attitude even singing at last years Christmas Party.

For many years Dick and Polly were at the Tea Room every Friday morning. This Year both Dick and Polly participated as Net Controls for the Azalea Festival Parade, Dick was a mentor for many hams, elmering them and getting them on the air. Dick will be missed at the club meetings as well as the Friday morning Tea Room gatherings. We all offer our condolences to Polly and Dick’s family. He will be remembered with love and respect within this Amateur Community, W7BKG, PELICAN BAY ARC.

Dick Keusink, K7VPL /SK