The Best Amateur Radio and Shortwave Apps for iOS, Android and Windows smart phones


Advances in technology have always gone hand-in-hand with our radio hobby-–indeed, in many cases, those advances originated with our hobby. Because of this, it should comes as no surprise that in a world where we are rapidly replacing home computing with mobile computing, radio hobbies are “app-ly” supported in the the mobile realm.

Although it’s beyond the scope of this article to include a comprehensive list of all radio-hobbyist-themed apps for the iOS, Android and Windows, nor will it include proprietary apps (those which compliment a particular radio or accessory), I offer here an overview of select apps that I myself have used and reviewed for iOS and Android––with, of course, a focus on those I’ve found especially useful as a radio hobbyist.

I’ve recently added a number of Windows phone apps that readers have recommended. Since I don’t currently own a Windows phone device, I appreciate reader recommendations (simply comment or contact me).

In the list below I have linked to both the iTunes, Google Play and Windows Phone stores, when applicable. I’ve also noted pricing for each app, but please understand that application developers can change pricing without notice.

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