Curry County ARES Emergency Coordinator Bob Wilkinson W7VN Retires

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Bob Wilkinson W7VN, Curry County ARES Emergency Coordinator, retires after 13 years of service.  He served as Assistant EC from 2002 to 2008 and as EC from 2008 to 2015.  When Bob succeeded Dar Rasmussen KA7GNK as County Emergency Coordinator in 2008, he received a complete set of communications gear from the State of Oregon.  Bob assembled and installed this gear at the Curry County EOC for the Oregon ARES Digital Network. Several operators were trained and many drills and quarterly reports were successfully carried out using this gear and Pactor 3 for digital messages to and from other County stations and Oregon Office of Emergency Management.

Everett Curry W6ABM, ARRL Section Manager, and Vince Van Der Hyde K7VV, Section EC, traveled to the Pelican Bay ARC September meeting to honor Bob for his service and present him with a certificate of appreciation.

Bob has also been very active in the Pelican Bay ARC, holding numerous elective offices over the years. He’s been assisted in his duties and efforts by his XYL, Lorraine Wilkinson W7RFC, who has also held PBARC elective offices. The next time you see Bob and Lorraine, it would be nice to thank them for their years of service to Curry County and the Pelican Bay ARC .