146.96 Repeater, Antenna Party, May 2017

Doug Doyle KL0HH organized and led a successful and enjoyable effort to install a new Diamond X510HD Base Station antenna for the 146.96 Repeater on Harbor Hills. The new antenna and coax was installed at the top of the 45′ tower, replacing the old antenna mounted to the equipment vault.  The new antenna is now twice as high and has improved the repeaters footprint.

For the tower installation, Doug connected with Matt Mjelde WB7ESA, the Engineering Manager at Coos Curry Electric. Matt brought a boom truck and linemen crew to the party. No need for anyone to climb the tower. The tower install went swiftly and smoothly. Doug had done his homework throughly.

Doug had a well organized plan and brought all the parts and pieces necessary to the project.  The linesmen were a pleasure to work with and their support significantly reduced the risks related to tower work. Our tower has a couple rusty places that make climbing questionable. The Coos-Curry crew was set-up and gone in about an hour, relieving us of the risks of climbing the old tower.

When Doug removed the old antenna from the vault, he discovered a small hole worn through the fiberglass shaft that admitted water to the interior. The hole was worn through by a piece of antenna cord whipping around in the wind. We can clean the interior element and patch the hole, saving the antenna for future contingencies.

Paul Carlin KE6NVU was mobile to test the new antennas coverage. Early consensus is that coverage has improved. The old antenna was somewhat degraded by water penetration. Testing continues; the new antenna is definitely reaching areas that were previously sketchy or dark.

The antenna party consisted of:
Doug KL0HH
James KF7KVP
Herb K7ULU
Doug K7KY
Coos-Curry Linemen – anonymous