Volunteer Examination Info

2020 Exam Dates
Feb 1,  Apr 4,  Jun 6,  Aug 1,  Oct 3,  Dec 5
Testing starts at 9:30 am, at the Chetco Library Annex
Cost: $14. Session must be completed by 11 am.

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, Our club meetings and social gatherings are NOT happening. Once COVID restrictions are removed, we’ll update the posting an update here.
– The Beachfront Bistro is closed.
– We cannot meet at the Harbor Water District.
– The Library is on restricted hours, but no meetings allowed.

Please remember to send an email RSVP to our Volunteer Exam Coordinator by email to vec at pelicanbayarc.com about a week before the test date to verify you are ready, and to insure we have enough tests made up for the session.

Information from Brian Wagers, KG7VJG (JAN 2020)

The Brookings-Harbor area FCC Amateur Radio License Test sessions are scheduled for the 1st Saturday of even numbered months at the Chetco Library Annex. Testing starts at 9:30 am and we have to be out of the room before 11am. The cost is $14 for two tests. Exact cash preferred, but if you are running late we can make change. You’ll need to bring 2 forms of ID, at least one official with a picture, and one with your SSN. A picture of those is taken to keep on confidential record temporarily, just in case there are any questions later. If you get an FRN printed you can use that instead of the SSN, but the FRN is not required in advance. https://www.fcc.gov/wireless/support/universal-licensing-system-uls-resources/getting-fcc-registration-number-frn If you need to take the Technician twice you’ll need to pay $14 again for the General if you’d like to take that, and so on. A few people that have taken all three tests, Technician, General & Extra, on the same day and walked away with their Extra. There is a lot of overlap in the study. Studying with just the FCC’s Q&A and the “Ham Test Prep” free app from the Google Play Store may be enough to pass the Technician. The time spacing of every 2 months seems to give most people about the right amount of time for a quick break and then getting back into their studies. There is a great Tech & General 12 week class in the Medford area. Check out their presentation material at:  https://www.carehamradio.com/license-classes.html. Going through their presentations plus a bit of study and practice testing does wonders. Please remember to send an email RSVP to vec at pelicanbayarc.com about a week before the test date to verify you are ready, and to insure we have enough tests made up for the session. The certificate we give you is for passing the test, but does not allow you to go on the air yet. The FCC call sign is usually awarded within 2-4 weeks, and that is when you may start transmitting. You’ll probably be watching the FCC License site daily for a while. https://wireless2.fcc.gov/UlsApp/UlsSearch/searchLicense.jsp You are encouraged to listen in on the local weekly Nets beforehand! Check your local Amateur Radio Club’s website for details. PBARC’s site is: http://pelicanbayarc.com/

If you are interested in coming to the monthly PBARC business meeting the last Friday of the month at 6:30pm at the Harbor Fire Station (NOT the same place as the testing) you could meet a few people and check out how the club operates, and you would be welcomed with open arms. Many of the club members and local HAM’s get together Friday mornings at Beachfront Bistro, where you would also be welcome. The Del Norte Area Radio Club in Crescent City has their meetings the 1st Monday of the month at 6pm at the Fire Station on Washington Avenue. Almost everyone at any of these meetings will be happy to talk equipment and transceivers with you. Connecting with the members is a great way to get information on how to get your new equipment configured so you can hear and be heard on the local repeaters.

You can reach out to our Volunteer Exam Coordinator by email at vec at pelicanbayarc.com. We are looking forward to testing with you! Please let me know if you have any other questions?