2020 Field Day

Field Day is an annual event encouraging Ham Radio Operators to set up their radios someplace not at home. It’s an exercise to see if we can set up our gear during/after an emergency, and make it work, and pass useful information. Even when things don’t work as planned, we learn things, and become better prepared.

Pathfinder Triton32: June 24, 2017 – June 26, 2017

Exercise Dates June 24, 2017 – June 26, 2017 08:00 – 17:00 Register To Participate Online Triton32 is a grass-roots planned full-scale exercise comprised of both public and private emergency service providers. This exercise… Read more »

146.96 Repeater, Antenna Party, May 2017

Doug Doyle KL0HH organized and led a successful and enjoyable effort to install a new Diamond X510HD Base Station antenna for the 146.96 Repeater on Harbor Hills. The new antenna… Read more »