Friday Morning Coffee at Dee-Ann’s Tea Room is no more…

For many years, many of our club members would meet at Dee Ann’s Tea Room for coffee and breakfast (and just social chatting) on Friday mornings at 8:30AM. Unfortunately, Dee-Ann has closed the doors

Our new Friday morning meeting place is Beach Front Bistro. Sadly, this is currently closed due to the COVID-19 isolation concerns, but we look forward to the day when they can reopen.

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Azalea Parade

Always Saturday prior to Memorial Day

Pelican Bay Amateur Radio Club has been participating in organizing the start of the Azalea Parade since 1980. It’s a fun service to our community and a good way to keep your radio skills sharp. If you have your technician license and a hand-held radio, be sure to add the next Azalea Parade to your calendar!

BUT, we will be watching the “Flattening of the curve” for COVID-19 as we go into April 2020, to see whether it will be prudent to cancel the gatherings related to the Parade. (As of 2020-04-05, it’s looking like the prudent course would be to cancel the parade, but there are strong feelings on both sides of the discussion.)

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Annual Picnic and Business Meeting at Loeb Park

Always 1st Sunday following Labor Day
Come a little early… we’ll eat around noon.

Be sure to attend our annual picnic and business meeting. We’ll have the election of our club officers for next year, have an equipment auction and a potluck picnic! Mark your calendar and hope to see you there!

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Holiday Brunch

A fun get together during the holidays has been held at SeaQuake Brewery in Crescent City during the past two years, with members, friends and family. We have a $10.00 gift exchange which always brings a lot of laughter.