Ham Radio Operators in Curry Co, OR and Del Norte Co, CA

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Amateur License Testing

Testing Schedule

For 2019, Amateur radio license testing will be offered at the Chetco Library Annex at 9 AM of the First Saturday of Even Months, by appointment. For information and to reserve a seat at a test session, please contact the Testing VEC, Brian Wagers, KG7VJG, at WagersB@gmail.com least 7 days prior to the test date.

Don’t worry about Morse code!

The FCC has dropped the Morse code requirement for all license levels. So, if you’ve been putting it off because of the code, your wait is over! Come on down and get your ticket!

The actual Technician test contains only 35 questions, and it’s not so bad! Holly did it, and she was eight! What are you waiting for?

Study Materials

The ARRL publishes great study guides that cover all the subjects you’ll see on the test. The study manuals includes every one of the questions in the current question pool for you to study.