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Hamnet: High Speed Multi-Media
Using off the shelf routers operating in the 13 cm band

Everyday we seem to rely more and more on the Internet.  Sharing photos and information. But if we loose that service we can feel stranded and cut of from our with friends and family.  PBARC hams communicate globally using voice and digital modes but sending photos and files is difficult and time consuming because of limited bandwidth in HF and VHF bands. However, Hams are also licensed to use UHF and SHF (super high frequency) bands which provide much wider bandwidths.

A few years ago, Ham’s got together and developed a High Speed Multi-Media (HSMM) communication system using inexpensive WiFi routers which operate near the top of UHF band.  The project is named “Broadband Hamnet”.  It’s easy to setup and operate, connecting laptops as well as tablets and smartphones into a localized, high-speed, mesh network for use during local events like Hamfests, field days or parades.   Hamnet can also be linked to the Internet Satellite to re-establish instant, global communications for Hams during outages or emergencies.


More information about setting up your own mesh network is available.  Search for the keywords HSMM or Hamnet, then refine your search.