Pelican Bay ARC members assist Del Norte ARC with radio communications for the Marine Mammal Center’s ‘Run for the Seals’ footrace in Crescent City


Four Pelican Bay ARC Ops traveled to Crescent City to help the Del Norte ARC with the annual Marine Mammal Center’s ‘Run for the Seals’ footrace.  Ron K7IOW, PBARC Vice President, led the small contingent of PBARC Ops to Crescent City on October 3rd to help with race communications.  Ron is also a member of DNARC.  He was accompanied by Butch KG7LIK, Bob W7VN, and Lorraine W7RFC. Race weather was sunny, but cool and windy.  Those monitoring the race thought the communications team did an excellent job.  It reflects the growing spirit of cooperation between Pelican Bay ARC and Del Norte ARC.

Here are comments from some of the participants:

“The Crescent City hams were certainly welcoming and appreciative. It was a beautiful day, an interesting event and a worthy cause.” Bob W7VN

“Working with fellow members of the Del Norte club has always been fun and rewarding. The last two Marine Mammal Center “runs” were no exception.  For me it was a opportunity to practice my VHF radio skills, learn more about real life directed nets and be of service to the community all at the same time.  Providing adequate coverage for the Crescent City 10k course takes careful planning. More radio operators translates to a safer run for the participants.  We always seem to learn something new from these events. For example, the 5W HT with a longer antenna performed much better the 8W HT with a short rubber ducky.  I’m looking forward to the next opportunity to be part of a fun event and practice with a great group of people.” Ron K7IOW

“Near the end of the race, I was no longer needed to help, so I walked some of the course “backwards,” and talked with one of the hams who was stationed there. I hope we can take part in something like this again.”  Lorraine W7RFC

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